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03:19pm 31/07/2002
  I love being right.  
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hi and oy! 
10:29pm 15/07/2002
hello there...new to the groop...found this through grammar_whores.

movie "buffs" are perhaps the most opinioned (read: bullheaded) people on the face of the earth, but so few of them back up their snippy remarks with actual objective observations. observe a recent bullheaded post by such a person.

this kind of "my opinion is right and anyone who doesn't share it is wrong," bug-up-the-butt people drive me pretty nuts.
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I'm not so dumb after-all 
06:05pm 13/07/2002
  Hey, I really figured it out on my own! I'm new to LJ, so I'm still finding out how to navigate all the intricacies. Also, the next truck I buy will be a Toyota. I just laugh at the biased people who call them "rice burners". Really no need to face that argument at all. I just ask them if they ever had a Ford (Chevy whatever American) that went 300,000 miles? Not without some major engine work, I expect!  
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06:43pm 13/07/2002
  Ooh. Looks like this place houses some mighty-strong egos. Well, since I fit the bill, I figured I should join. I feel that I am more or less an arguement "king", I've never really lost an arguement, considering most people in this world are idiots. Heh, oh well.. I'll just walk all over their sorry asses and tell them off later. Anyway, nice to be a part of the family.  
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02:52pm 13/07/2002
mood: content
haha. This community is cool. I'm only 15.
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VICTORY again! 
09:46am 11/07/2002
  Yesterday, I kept saying to my friend Justin how it felt like fall outside. I don't know why I thought this - but it really did. And he would resond with "Nah, it's just a nice day out."

Then, later on, we were watching the news, and the meteoroligist says "There is a September-like weather pattern going on!"

AHAHAHA! Right again. Yeah, go me.
08:53am 10/07/2002
  Ooh, I like this community.

So, ahh, last night, me and this boy were talking about how Portland is virtually the END of Maine.

Then, he interrupts me and goes, "Ahh, no, ACTUALLY, it's Kittery! Kittery is further North than Portland!"

And I was like, "SORRY, WRONG! It's Portland, motherfucker! Portland is THE END OF MAINE"

Then, I whipped out my cellphone and called mommy. She told me I was right.

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well, here goes 
10:32pm 09/07/2002
mood: accomplished
This is my first community =) I will be creating more. I just wanted to give it a shot... post please!